Business Visa C-2


The C-2 Business Visa is a business visa. Intended for visits for business talks, professional meetings and investment visits. This visa allows you to stay a maximum of 180 days on Indonesian territory.
To obtain this visa you must have a sponsor. This sponsor could be our agency or an Indonesian company.

The time limit for obtaining this visa is 5 working days.

To apply for this visa you must be outside the territory (OFFSHORE), it is currently not possible to apply if you are on Indonesian territory (ONSHORE).

The Business Visa, like all other visas, cannot be converted into another visa. If you wish to extend your stay in Indonesia or change your visa type, you must leave the country and
apply for a new visa.

The C-2 Business Visa can be converted to Kitas (residence permit) if your visa sponsor is our agency or an Indonesian company.

The creation of the Business Visa includes 60 days of validity. At the end of the 60 days you can do two 60 day extensions.


OFFSHORE: apply for a visa from abroad
ONSHORE: apply for a visa while in Indonesia (deactivate through immigration)
OWN SPONSOR: to obtain a certain visa you need to have a sponsor. This sponsor must provide a list of very specific documents. Sponsoring a visa means that the company guarantees for you in the event of a problem in Indonesia and supports your application with the administrations.
SPONSORED BY LEGAL LEGENDS: Our agency vouches for you and supports your request


  • The company deed (notarial deed)
  • SK Menkeh
  • NIB
  • Letterhead
  • Company stamp
  • Balinese identity card
  • KTP/Passport of the Director and Commissioner
  • Company NPWP
  • Username and password for Visa Online
  • Rental agreement for company property


  • The C-2 visa allows you to stay in Indonesia for a maximum period of 6 months for professional reasons.
  • To obtain this visa, you must have a sponsor. You can be sponsored by an Indonesian company or by our agency.
  • The creation of the visa includes an initial validity of 60 days. After this period, it is possible to make two extensions of 60 days each, for a total duration of 180 days.
  • The creation of the C-2 takes approximately 5-6 days. Once the e-visa is completed, we will send it to you by WhatsApp or email. You will need to show this document to immigration when arriving at the airport.
  • For extensions, you must go to the agency with your passport as well as payment for the extension.
  • It is important to launch the extension at least 2 weeks before the end of your visa. An appointment at immigration is required for extensions, to take your fingerprints and a photo. We will arrange this appointment and send you a message a day before with all the necessary information. If you are not available for the appointment, please inform us in order to reschedule it.


  • Copy of passport (valid for at least 12 months)
  • 3 latest bank statements with a minimum of 2000 USD at the end of the month
  • ID photo
  • Name of the mother
  • Address in Indonesia
  • Airline ticket for arrivals in Indonesia
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What is important to know

  • This visa is only available for professional reasons
  • You must have a sponsor (either by an Indonesian company or by ourselves) to obtain this visa.
  • It is not possible to do a 30 day extension, only 60 day extensions are allowed.
  • The C-2 is a single entry visa. If you leave the territory, the visa is canceled.
  • It is important to inform us of your departure from the territory or any travel so that we can anticipate extensions as much as possible.
  • This visa does not allow you to receive money in Indonesia


Creation of the Business Visa and 60 days of validity:

  • Sponsored by Legal Legends: IDR 4,500,000
  • Sponsored by a local business: IDR 4,000,000
  • 60-day extension: IDR 2,750,000
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