Working KITAS Offshore


Working KITAS is for those who will work, and earn money in Indonesia. It must be sponsored by an Indonesian company (PT at least in Medium Size or PMA).

The KITAS is valid for 5 years.

Each year the visa will need to be extended. There is no need to leave the country to arrange the yearly extensions.

*The government tax of USD 1200 is not included in the price



  • The deed of the company/Akta
  • SK Menkeh
  • NIB Berbasis Resiko including PKKPR (Persetujuan Kesesuaian Kegiatan Pemanfaatan Ruang/Approval of the Suitability of Space Utilization Activities)
  • Lease agreement from the property the company registered
  • Letterhead
  • Stamp of the company (Physical stamp)
  • Balinese ID card/local KTP
  • KTP/Passport Commissioner
  • KTP/Passport Director
  • SKTU
  • NPWP of company
  • Username and password for visa online if they have it
  • If they don’t have, add Bank Statement of the company (min 10.000 USD)
  • WLKI (Wajib Lapor Ketenagakerjaan) 1 foreign staff should be followed by 10 Local Staff

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