Teacher KITAS Onshore


Teacher KITAS is for those who are working as a teacher in Indonesia.
The KITAS is valid for 5 years. Each year the visa will need to be extended.
There is no need to leave the country to arrange the yearly extensions.



  • Copy of the Passport with minimum validity of 18 months
  • Copy of last 3 months’ personal bank statement
  • ID photo
  • Insurance
  • Complete address in Indonesia with Domicile letter from the Banjar (Onshore with status conversion & extension)
  • Current Visa (for onshore application)
  • Boarding pass from the flight to Indonesia (for offshore application)
  • Statement letter (we have the draft)
  • KTP local partner
  • CV in English
  • Study Certificates
  • Work references for minimum 3-5 years
  • Work Contract
  • Study certificate/diploma with sworn translation
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